Thursday, April 02, 2015


After reaching it's glory in December at 126, the weight market continued to show a downward trend in these past 4 months. 2 Weeks ago the weight broke support at 117 and reached all time low yesterday at 115.2.
At the day opening today, the weight market went down again to 114.6. Analyst said this all time low is caused by stress and one substituting meat to fruit for dinner. So a rebound will be likely. But looking at things as it is, analyst predict a continuing downward trend and December timeline for the weight to break under 100.

The weight market slump was not without it's economic consequences. New shoes was bought to alleviate drop in shoe size also. Shirt and pants spending will be following.

The budget to be spend will be very little though as a very big budget cut has been in effect due to catastrophic loss of ones car several days ago.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Update after Vacation

With a mixed feeling I report that after Christmas,  New Year and Bali vacation 2 ounces of lost weight didnt survive.

Sad that it went stagnant but grateful it didn't go further down the drain hahaha.

Ok lets restart...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Do I really believe I can do this ???

Move back to some moments in the last couple of years.

This was the typical situation.
1. Have a burst of motivation and understanding to lose weight and live more healthily.
2. Visit a second party (medical institution/diet institution)
3. Managed to lose the motivation in 1 visit/conversation.
 4. Went back to live as usual.

What is different now ?
1 and 2 is the same as before.
3. The conversation started with hope
 4. When it managed to engage me, then went to action plan.
5. Through logical discussion I actually saw that the action plan was (and still) doable.

One week and several days later, I am still at it.
Don't ask me, I am surprised myself.

Conclusion : Hope and understanding can affect this feeble mind :)

Determined to continue to surprise myself


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thoughts after 2 days...

1.  Buying the thickest wheat bread is a bad idea (not really liking it)
2.  Boiled broccoli without anything else is really not delicious
3. Red rice is actually quite good.  With soy sauce it taste like nasi goreng
4. Eating lots of veggies slowly actually fill you up.
5. Seeing everyone else eating pizza while eating lean meat and pakchoy dont really get to me (much)
6.  When in diet cook your own meal,  you have nobody to blame if it tastes bad.

All in all,  its not as bad as i thought it would be.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The container

Contains my daily lunch for the next days....  Hmmm i vow to use every space possible to cram my food...


Flying Piggy on A Diet

Sir ... normal BMI is 20, yours is 40 .. (well, my age is 40, surely there's a relation right ?)

 ... the title is morbidly obese ... (morbid, sordid, rabbid )
..Motivation and change your lifestyle... (well I have a life, but actually no style - hmm need to buy new clothes)
  ... Put the whole lemon in a blender, with the skin ! ... (do you know how bitter it is ???)
 ... Whole Wheat bread and scrambled white egg ... (blasphemy !!! there's no egg without the yellow !!!)
 ... Your body fat is 40 % ... (well pigs have 17% according to , so im officially fatter than a pig, DANG !!!)
... You weigh 1#5 Kgs, how come ... (ummm, I eat alot doc)

 Some funny thoughts which crossed my mind during my visit to a nutritionist.

Anyway it's time to man up and do this no ? Not only for me but for the betterment of mankind.

Wish me luck and will try to keep you updated...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Engaging Your Mind ... Look for God

Lately im pondering.

Bible said that the world will look at us, saying what a fool, for believing in something not tangible. So I took it literally, acting like a fool. Just believing, clinging to the belief, sometimes doubting and trying to turn it down. Seldom was my doubt answered, I just try to suppress it, rationalise it, after all, we're supposed to look like a fool aren't we ?

But that same bible also said about believing with your heart and mind. Believing with your soul, but also with your MIND. Meaning intellectually, pragmatically, realistically .. Wow

Im afraid i might fall, it might rock my faith. But the more I think about it, the more it rang. Afraid to look because I might fall, I might lose my faith .. isn't that means that Im not faithful ?

So we embark on a journey, will not going to shy away from difficult question, will look for an answer for my doubt, will avoid the cliche of God's will (it's been used too much anyway)... I have faith that He'll strengthen me..

Let's start with Language of God (written by Human Gnome project leader). And we'll see after it.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Integrating My Life as a Manager - Teaching a new trick to an old dog

I have learned that actually I like to be considered as a nice guy. It's nice to feel that I've helped someone and I have add value to one's life.

As I went into management role, sometimes I have to make hard decision, I end up hurting someone, or sometimes I just can't do a thing. And then I think I am not so nice anymore.

Anyway a sorely needed analysis from my side shows ... Hmmm to add value, doesn't mean that someone have to like me. Or to rephrase... it doesn't mean that someone have to feel that I have helped him.

Add value means reproving, add value means helping, add value means coaching, add value means a lot of thing...

And add value didn't have to mean ... I make them feel good ...

Still so hard to do ... thus i thought .... am I becoming co dependent ?

I hope not ... need to teach this dog a new trick ... on how to add value based on what I believe and doing it in a mindful, compassionate way.